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Secrets of the Outdoors leads the way using cutting edge technology to streamline present and past episodes to the internet on Secretsoftheoutdoors.com. Rather than be limited to a 30 minute time slot on traditional television, Secrets of the Outdoors provides viewers with the convenience of watching fishing and hunting at their leisure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our show is geared for all ages, gender and skill levels.  And with the regular inclusion of women and young anglers in our shows, we target the rapidly growing youth and female enthusiasts.  With an aggressive "real time" production schedule synchronized to the seasons of the year, Secrets of the Outdoors makes it simple to target potential buyers when and where demand is at its highest demand.  With our year-round sponsorship packages Secrets of the Outdoors is one of the most cost-effective ways to build your name recognition and brand loyalty.

Unlimited opportunities and flexibility

Secrets of the Outdoors offers a variety of marketing opportunities to meet company budgets.  Our marketing team will tailor a package that will match your products or services to the audiences that you want to reach.  Your products may be featured and used by Captain Garrett and his guest hosts throughout the production year, maximizing your exposure and marketing dollars even further while showing the right way to use your products.  Secrets of the Outdoors airs 24/7 on the Internet, displaying your product unlimited times for a low, single cost.

Captain Garrett is available for product endorsement opportunities for companies committed to quality and conservation.  Secrets of the Outdoors is always seeking events and episode opportunities that are consistent with our goals of entertaining and educating the ever increasing population of outdoor enthusiasts.

Exclusivity and Flexibility only on Secrets of the Outdoors

No other outdoors show covers the Great Outdoors for more viewers than Secrets of the Outdoors.  Our show offers you more flexibility in determining how to advertise your product or services to your potential markets. Contact us today for all the opportunities we have to offer at:


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