Galveston Bay
Cpt Garrett fishes with Cpt Jamie Pinter of Angling Adventures out of Galveston, Tx.

Spinnerbait Fishing
Donnie Evans catching some awesome fish on Spinner Baits.

Unpredicted Cold Front, Saltwater
Cpt Garrett demonstrates fishing for Specks and Reds after an unpredicted cold front.

The Canyons, Lake Sam Rayburn
Cpt Garrett fishes lily pads and pepper grass in the Canyons of Lake Sam Rayburn, Tx.

San Antonio Bay
Cpt Garrett fishes reefs in San Antonio Bay, near Sea Drift, Texas


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Estes Flats
Cpt Garrett fishes Estes Flats with Gold Spoon for Redfish

Fishing Low Tides
Cpt Garrett and his brother Robert demonstrate how to fish low tides.

Port Mansfield
Cpt Garrett fishes with good friend Cpt Bruce Shuler, owner of
Get-a-way Adventures Lodge

Winter Wading Reefs
Cpt Garrett demonstrates winter wading reefs with artificial lures.


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